Interstat, s.r.o.
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Company profile

Structural Engineering office Interstat s.r.o. designs all types of load-bearing structures.

The company activities include stress analysis, assessments and projects of concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures.

We provide design of all stages - studies, planning permit, building permit, tender and execution design incl. shop drawings.

Interstat deals with advanced technologies as composite, pre-stressed or post-tensioned structures, pre-cast or semi-pre-cast structures.

Design of strengthening of existing structures is also one of the company activities.

Geotechnical design including all kinds of foundation, supporting of buildings, securing of banks and foundation pits is also covered.

Thanks to the flexibility and possibility of co-operation we have enough capacity to carry out large projects in the top quality and on the top professional and scientific level based on erudition, knowledge and experience of the partners. See section "PORTFOLIO-REFERENCES".

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