Interstat, s.r.o.
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Business services

Structural engineering company Interstat s.r.o. offers:

design of load-bearing structures:
  • reiforced concrete structures
  • steel structures
  • timber structures
  • masonry structures
projects of load-bearing structures:
  • studies and competitions
  • planning permit projects
  • building permit projects
  • tenders
  • execution projects
  • shop drawings
  • as-build projects
projects, assessments and expert opinions on:
  • new building and renovations
  • cast-in situ and precast reiforced concrete structures
  • post tensioned and prestressed structures
  • composite structures
  • temporary structures and foundation pit securings
  • strengthening of load-bearing structures
  • foundations of constructions
expert opinions:
  • assessments of the all constructions and structures
  • assessments of reconstructions
  • feasibility studies and assessments project and proposed sulutions of designed or currently carrying out structures
co-operation during and after execution:
  • assistence
  • supervision
  • monitoring
  • assessments of changes
  • as-build projects
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